Meet Tenley & Emily

Holistic Health Coaches

Both Tenley and Emily are proud graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where they studied over 100 dietary theories from the world’s top nutrition experts.

Yoga and Fitness Junkies

You can catch Tenley on the beach running and enjoying the sunshine and Emily is a 200 RYT yoga instructor

Healthy Foodies

Kale Gluten-Free Pizza and Acai bowls are our favorites :)

Obsessed with Natural Beauty

We both LOVE the DIY beauty products that are simple, clean and good for your entire body.


I was born “sick”.

My tummy was a mess from the day I entered this world. It was never anything the doctors could figure out and being “sick” was something that was normal to me growing up. I would spend days bent over in crazy pain and I would be running to the restroom in the most awkward moments. This tummy sickness of mine became especially awkward and painful in my adolescent and college years, causing me to miss a lot of fun experiences, or creating incredibly embarrassing moments. There would be days that my stomach would feel like a “spastic colon” and days where I was in such incredible pain with constipation.

I had every kind of test done and there were still no answers. Around my 25th birthday I was going through some big life transitions and my stomach was even worse at this point with all the stress I was facing. My mom had found a book about going gluten free and I thought maybe it was time to explore things on my own without the doctors. So that is exactly what I did. I read the book, and never in my life had I ever heard someone explain my “normal” as their normal. I related to every symptom. I decided to try going gluten free, and I took this challenge on willingly! In about two weeks my stomach was already different.

This lead me to changing my lifestyle forever.

As I started to teach myself about my new gluten free lifestyle, my interest in healthy foods and even cooking came into place. I began to discover an extreme interest in holistic nutrition and as my new normal became something I never thought I would know, it opened the doors to a whole new career and way of living. Knowing that I could heal myself I decided I wanted to help as many of those that I could find a way to live a happy and healthy lifestyle free of pain in sickness. This lifestyle change went beyond just going gluten free, and it repaired more than just my stomach. My immune system is strong and healthy now, and I have energy instead of the fatigue I used to experience daily. I live a life in freedom from the physical exhaustion and pain I once knew.

When I met Emily, we immediately knew we shared the common interest of helping as many people as we possibly could. The dream of supporting others in finding a healthier lifestyle, with simple upgrades they could make in their very own kitchen because a reality when we launched the DIYcleanse. Now we are on a mission to reach as many people as possible. So cheers to as many happy and healthy lives we can help bring to all of you! xo, Tenley


They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I find it challenging to open up and share my ‘real’ story of how I landed in the field of nutrition and wellness. It’s taken me years to publicly articulate exactly what happened, and how it profoundly changed me and the course of my life. I went through a pain and a tragedy that I thought I never could heal from, and 10 years later I share this story in hopes of connecting with someone else who has felt pain unimaginable. 

It was the summer after graduating college with a B.S in psychology. I had so much joy and adventure ahead of me and was ecstatic to finally chase my dream of going to New York City to dance professionally. I was in NYC for only two months.  I will never forget the worst day of my life… the same day of my first professional audition was the same day I received a tragic phone call from my mom. My father and two brothers who were flying a private airplane to a family reunion in Idaho had crashed. No survivors. That afternoon I had to get on a plane myself, and fly home to Idaho to be by my mothers side and grieve the most horrific grief I could have ever imagined.

For days, weeks and months it was a triumph to get out of bed.

My mom and I would look at each other in the morning and if we had the courage to get up and put our mascara on, we knew we could get through that day together. I lived one day at a time. Day by day. Week by week. In my confusion, devastation, and horror I was looking for a distraction. 

That was when I stumbled into my first yoga class. For the first time in months, I felt what it felt like to breathe. I could feel my body again and with this awareness I was able to soften and relax and tap into a tiny sliver of comfort. It was this yoga class that dramatically changed the direction of my life. I immerced myself in yoga. I took all of the trainings I could take in the local area, and soon became a teacher. I knew if yoga could bring relief to my trauma, I could help others by leading them down this same path.

While I was studying yoga and surrounded by people who were living a very healthy lifestyle I realized there was a huge disconnect with me. My ‘normal’ college eating habits included a pepsi almost every day, the Wendy’s drive through on occasion, and zero mindfulness about what I was eating, and how it was effecting my body. For the first time I started to question why I had been on antibiotics for 2 years for my skin, and still suffered from terrible acne. I slowly put the pieces together that what I ate was directly effecting my energy, my complexion, and my digestion.

As I made some very slow changes in my diet, I became fascinated with nutrition. I knew this would compliment my yoga training so I enrolled in school to become a Clinical Nutritionist. In a few short months of applying what I was learning to my own health, I turned a huge corner. My energy sky rocketed, my skin was vibrant and clear again, and I was actually feeling energy and confidence. It was an incredible transformation, and one that I was very inspired and passionate to help others make.

After a few years of studying and working with clients, I opened my private practice NourishMint Wellness. I now see clients daily, and have the incredible chance to make a difference in their lives. I live for the days when a client walks through my door to tell me that a suggestion I had made created a positive and sometimes drastic change in their lives. I love being able to help others- and I am living my dream job.

Grief is a lonely place to be, and it took me years to see a blue sky instead of a gray sky. I like to think that though it was a horrific experience that changed me profoundly, it has given me the gift of a new and unique perspective. I believe when life gets hard, it can be very revealing, and I think it dramatically changed how I show up in the world. My life experiences has brought me to this place where I can connect with others. Pain is pain, no matter how severe. I use this unique tool to help women feel supported, and to create balance and peace in their lives through a new perspective, holistic nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

Creating the DIY cleanse with Tenley has been a such a fun experience. Our shared vision of supporting and helping others feel well and feel balanced is what sparked the idea for this program. It’s all about baby steps whether it’s grieving and getting out of bed, or whether it’s changing a few things in your diet to create more health and balance.

With love,