With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we gals at the DIY Cleanse wanted to get back to the basics of loving yourself.

As the airplane stewardess says before every flight, “You need to put your own oxygen mask on before you can help others.” This idea is no different in regards to your nutrition, fitness, and overall self-love. To be the best mother, wife, partner, friend, daughter, whatever role you are in, you must first put on your oxygen mask. The DIY Cleanse was designed to equip women to do just that. Love yourself, push yourself to be the best version of yourself, and help you obtain and embrace the best quality of life you can achieve are all things we desire to see for our clients.

Self-love is not a luxury; it is a tool to equip you to be the best version of yourself. Through the month of February, we are going to remind you what it means to “put your oxygen mask on.” Fitness, nutrition, and rest are all things that the DIY Cleanse embodies in their process. We hope you join us for a month of getting back to the basics and a loving reminder of what it means to love on yourself and show a little grace.

To kick things off, enjoy one of our favorite pampering treats. This is a detoxifying clay mask that is the perfect treat during a hot bath.

Detox Clay Mask

1 part bentonite clay

1 part apple cider vinegar

Mix together until foamy. Apply a thick layer to your face. Let dry for about 10 minutes. You will feel a pulling and drying of the mask and that means it is working! Try it! You will love it and you are WORTH IT!.