Did you know… the best time to go to bed is 10:00PM. The best time to rise is 6:00AM … AND 2 hours of sleep before midnight are worth 4 hours of sleep after midnight.

Sleep plays a key role in your health. It is your body’s time to repair from the day and restore and rejuvenate for the next day. Poor sleep can negatively impact digestive processes and the healing that is taking place within the gut while we sleep. Quality sleep also regulates leptin and ghrelin, two hormones that help control hunger and cravings. A lack of sleep negatively affects the parts of the brain that control pleasure eating, and actually causes us to crave more carbohydrates and foods high in fat. Sleep is also the time where our brains are literally getting cleaned out – aka toxins associated with neurodegeneration get flushed out. And, sleep really is beauty sleep. While you sleep, the hormones responsible for collagen production are released, and cells regenerate to create fresh, smooth skin. Cells become increasingly productive and repair damage done by free radicals, such as UV rays.

General sleep tips:

1) Creating your space: Sleep in complete darkness or as close as possible. When light hits the eyes, it disrupts the circadian rhythm of the pineal gland and disturbs production of melatonin and seratonin. There also should be as little light in the bathroom as possible if you get up in the middle of the night. Use your bedroom for sleeping only; it’s not your work space or lounge.

2) Avoid caffeine and alcohol. We all know caffeine is stimulating, and although alcohol will make people drowsy, the effect is short lived and people will often wake up several hours later, unable to fall back asleep. Alcohol will also keep you from falling into the deeper stages of sleep, where the body does most of its healing.

One hour before bedtime: 9pm
1. Turn off all electronics. The white light from electronics (phone, tv, computer ipad etc is disruptive of pineal gland which is responsible for the release of melatonin into the blood stream. This creates a stimulation to the brain and it will take longer to fall asleep.


30 minutes before bed: 9:30pm
1. Magnesium oil foot soak. 2 oz magnesium oil in a foot soak or hot bath with 1 cup epsom salts
2. Sip on herbal tea, something relaxing like chamomile or lavender.
3. Read something relaxing of take a few minutes to journal about your day.

10 minutes before bed: 9:50pm
1. Eat that forbidden snack before bed. Yep! We are giving you permission. Our favorite suggestion is ½ apple with some nuts, or almond butter. Or, ½ banana and some cashews (also known as natures prozac!)
2. Supplement with some minerals. Our favorite is Coral Legend by Premier Research Labs.