The afternoon hits and without fail so does your sweet tooth. The craving is fast and intense. You’re hoping that something sweet is within reach, but it’s NOT. Now what?!

Do you go on a hunt until you find it?

Do you settle for something different? Salty perhaps?

OR do you take a moment to reflect on why you’re craving something in the first place? Ha!

It’s probably scenario one or two, but let us clue you in . . . you should try reflecting on why the craving is coming up in the first place!


How to Navigate your Cravings Phase I: Check in with your body

Cravings are your body’s way of communicating with you what it needs. It’s like a text message from your best friend. You wouldn’t ignore her right?!  And there’s a reason she’s texting you. So let’s get reflective.


Here are 5 main causes for your cravings. Which one(s) feel like they apply the most to your sweet tooth?
  1.     Lack of Primary Food: Being dissatisfied with a relationship or having an inappropriate exercise routine (too much, too little, or the wrong kind), being bored, stressed, uninspired by your job, or lacking a spiritual practice may all cause emotional eating. Eating can be used as a substitute for entertainment or to fill the void of primary food.
  2.     Water:  Lack of water can send the message that you’re thirsty and on the verge of dehydration. Dehydration can manifest as hunger, so the first thing to do when you get a craving is drink a full glass of water. Excess water can also cause cravings, so be sure that your water intake is well-balanced.
  3.     Inside Coming Out: Often times, cravings come from foods we’ve recently eaten, foods eaten by our ancestors, or foods from our childhood. A clever way to satisfy these cravings is to eat a healthier version of one’s ancestral or childhood foods.
  4.     Lack of Nutrients:  If the body has inadequate nutrients, you’ll have odd cravings. For example, inadequate mineral levels produce salt cravings, and overall inadequate nutrition produces cravings for non-nutritional forms of energy, like caffeine.
  5.     Hormones: When women experience menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, fluctuating testosterone and estrogen levels may cause unique cravings.


How to Navigate your Cravings Phase II: Answer those (sugar) cravings the healthy way!

So once you know why you’re craving sweet (or maybe salty), it’s time to respond in a healthy way.

Drink water. Sometimes sweet cravings are a sign of dehydration. Before you go for the sugar, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes.

Eat naturally-sweet vegetables and fruit to crowd out your sugar cravings like

Go take a walk or stretch break. Your body might just need to move and groove a little bit and get the blood going again.

Go give someone a hug or a compliment. Most cravings are actually for human connection. Plus it’s a positive for them too!

(If possible) Go take a mini nap. You could just be tired and when exhausted or stressed, the body needs more sugar to get going because it’s a quick source of energy.

Choose to eat a snack with healthy fat: avocados with pink salt, a handful of nuts, or full-fat coconut yogurt. Your body burns fat as fuel and will turn down the sugar cravings when it has a higher energy source.

And BONUS! Here’s a fun, new recipe to help curb that sugar craving. Check your inbox for our demo video.


1/2 cup frozen organic berries
2 T warmed Coconut Butter (or coconut Manna)
Sprinkle cacao nibs and cinnamon on top.


You are now empowered to tackle those sweet (& salty) cravings with grace!

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