It’s the day after Christmas and I’m writing this blog with the smell of cookies and cinnamon rolls still lingering in the air. I feel tired, lethargic, and actually want to just chill on the couch and catch up on some of my fav tv shows. But I’m not going to do that. I’m going to be real and honest with you all, and share what is really going on in my world. This year for Christmas, we had guests from overseas. I pulled out all of the stops and tried to show them the best American Christmas I could possibly show them. I’m not sure why, but somewhere along the line I also gave myself permission to cook, bake and eat anything and everything, lots of unhealthy foods and sweets, and as much of it as I wanted. For a girl like me who strives to keep an 80/20 balance, this was definitely 80/20 in reverse… and sometimes it felt like I was eating (and drinking) zero percent good, and 100 percent bad!

I don’t feel guilty about it at all, but I just want to be honest and real. I’m writing this because I think a lot of other people might be able to relate to what I’m talking about. I always try to teach the ‘dip without diving’ rule, and this year I dove in head first.

When I have a client sitting in my office and we are working on their health goals and wellness concerns, I am always most deeply moved when people are able to shift their relationship with food to a healthy and positive place. Eating SHOULD be enjoyable, fun and not surrounded by guilt (even if you ate not one but two cinnamon rolls yesterday 🙂

In an effort to be fully transparent and open, I wanted to share with you a few things about me that only my husband and close friends know. Yes, I’m a nutritionist and have been for over 5 years. But, that certainly doesn’t mean I do everything perfect when it comes to eating.

  1. I am not always 100% gluten-free. I try to keep gluten out of my home as much as possible, but on certain occasions (like Christmas and the cinnamon rolls) I definitely eat it, and enjoy it. I wish I could say I’m 100% gluten-free, but I’m not and I’m okay with that. I do however try to take a few enzymes to support my digestion if I do choose to eat gluten.
  2. Sugar cravings happen to nutritionists too. A few years ago I completely eliminated sugar from my diet for a few months. Since that experience, I have a whole new understanding of sugar and how it affects my body. 95% of the time, I only consume natural sweeteners (honey and maple syrup are my favorites) but 5% of the time I just eat the sugar.
  3. I’m obsessed with cream. I have been since I was a little kid. And, since I’m still breastfeeding, I’m taking a chapter from the Westin A. Price philosophy and add raw cream to my diet to keep my healthy fats and nutrients high. I add it to my coffee, and will make yummy vitamix ice cream on occasion.
  4. The worse I eat, the more of it I want to eat. Uggg, this is where the vicious cycle starts. I know this isn’t unique to me, but it definitely happens in my world. This is why making a conscious effort in setting aside a week in your schedule to commit to the DIYcleanse can be so transformative. The first time I did the cleanse I was blown away about how I didn’t think about food through out the day. Instead of wondering and dreaming about the next snack, or delicious meal I was just eating to fuel my body. It was such a mental shift for me, and it literally happened over night. I think I’m most looking forward to that break and shift in mindset when I do the cleanse again in January.

Here are a few things I am very strict on in my diet and in my home:

  1. All of our meat is organic. Each year we buy ½ of a grass fed cow, and ½ of a pig. We also raise our own chicken eggs that are free range and very happy chickens.
  2. If I eat dairy, it’s also organic and often raw.
  3. I do the DIY cleanse seasonally. Every single time I do it, I feel SO different, and SO much better afterwords. I will be joining you guys on the 4th of Jan to do it together as a group.

Honest confessions that are piping hot on the day after Christmas! 🙂

I created the DIY cleanse because I was one of those people who never successfully completed a cleanse before. I wanted people to feel successful, and feel good about eating well. I’m so excited, because Tenley and I are working on a wellness program that is all about this. We are calling in ‘Food Freedom’ where we hope to support you and hundreds of others in getting to this place of peace about your relationship with food.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as I did!

DIY Cleanse | Tenley Molzahn and Emily Potter