It’s that time of year again, ladies!


Join us in doing our seasonal DIYcleanse November 13th-November 19th. It’s just in time to get you looking and feeling amazing right before the holidays!

We love to keep our bodies lean and healthy during this season so that our moods and minds can be as clear and sparkly as those glittery holiday dresses that just hit the stores this last week! We invite you to celebrate this exciting and sparkly season with us by giving your body and mind a treat! Because YOU are worth it!

Let’s Get Raw, Get Juicy, and Get Balanced, together! Detoxification strengthens the body’s immune system and supports the body in functioning more optimally. The DIYCleanse is a cleanse that won’t stop you from taking your favorite hot yoga class, leave you feeling tired and hungry, or make you miss date night! We believe in eating if you are hungry, and giving the body adequate protein when you need it. The cleanse starts with 2 days of cleaning up the diet and easing the body into more raw foods. Days 3, 4, and 5 are juice/smoothie cleansing day and days 6 and 7 are all about getting you back to your balance and normal life while eating clean.

>>>>>>> I’m Ready, Take me to the Cleanse! <<<<<<<<

Here is a peek at the Day 2 lunch juice!:

NourishMint Green:
4 large kale leaves
4 stocks of celery
1 small handful of mint
1 small handful of parsely
1 large handful of spinach
1 green apple
1 large cucumber
1/2 lemon
1 piece ginger

Walking through our cleanse with us, you will have us here to support you, you will receive our DIY Cleanse Workbook, DIY Cleanse Fall Juice Recipes, BONUS DIY Beauty Secrets, BONUS DIY Healthy Cocktail Recipes, BONUS Travel Tips and Eating Guide, and BONUS DIY Cleanse Recipe Book with Shopping List and Menu!

When you join the cleanse, you also get immediate access to our Private Facebook Group where you connect with us and other like-minded women.


Sometimes life can just get moving too fast for you to make it to the store and pull out the juicer, but you know your body deserves some TLC still. We’ve got a solution for you! We’ve worked with Project Juice to offer a special discount code for our DIYCleansers! Project Juice delivers delicious, nutrient-dense cold-pressed juices sourced from local organic produce delivered directly to your doorstep.

“When I don’t have the time to juice for myself while doing a DIY Cleanse week, I always order Project Juice. It fits perfectly into our three days of “Getting Juicy”, they deliver to my doorstep (and deliver nationwide!), and it just helps make my cleanse week that much easier!” – Tenley Molzahn

If this rings true during this season of your life, after the purchase of the DIYCleanse workbook and package, we invite you to use our special discount code “DIYDONE4YOU” for 10% off your Project Juice purchase, and to follow the below guide when selecting your cleanse:



Build your DIY Cleanse with Project Juice’s Custom Juice pack
3x Green Ginger (in lieu of the ‘NourishMint Green’)
3x Potion 10 (in lieu of the ‘Island Green Machine’)
3x Swizz Beets (in lieu of the Beautiful Beet Cleanser’)
3x Beta Bomb (in lieu of the ‘Orange Energizer’)
3x Almond Mylk (in lieu of homemade ‘Almond Milk’)

Want to incorporate a smoothie? Add this delicious, protein packed combination as part of your DIY Cleanse!
3x Chocolate Protein


Each day of the Reset Juice Cleanse feeds your body with 20lbs USDA organic and locally sourced fruits, veggies, healing spices and raw nuts. Schedule your Project Juice order to arrive the day before your three days of “Getting Juicy”.

“The quality of Project Juice is exactly in line with what we hope for our DIY Cleansers while they’re adding juices into their cleanse week, allowing for a complete reset for your digestive system and your body!” – Tenley Molzahn

This is your season for wellness! You deserve to invest in your health and join us as we Get Raw, Get Juicy, and Get Balanced! Join us today, beautiful!


I’m Ready to Invest in Myself!