You asked! A fun Q&A with the DIYcleanse girls

We thought it would be fun to do a candid blog post where we answered some of your most burning questions and shared a bit more about us. You asked, and we listened! Below you will find some answers to questions about us, our profession, the DIYcleanse and our goals and vision for 2017.

| The DIY Cleanse is known as “A Cleanse for People Who Hate Cleansing.” How did the idea to create this come about? |

Emily: When I lived in San Diego, I felt like everyone and their dog were doing a cleanse of some kind… and I never had the courage or motivation to do it. A typical juice cleanse totally freaked me out, because I knew my body well enough to know I wouldn’t feel well just drinking green juice for a week. (or a day for that matter!) When I pitched the idea to Tenley she was right there with me. We both hated the idea of cleansing, but were asked by our clients on a daily basis about how to cleanse, what is safe, what is best etc. That is when the DIYcleanse was born.

Tenley: The DIYcleanse was also born out of the idea of how there is so much information out there about cleansing that it can just be too overwhelming, we wanted to get to the basics and bring that to people. It was created for people that hate cleansing, because we want them to see the ability to take your body to a next level of feeling good without having to deprive themselves. We LOVE food, but good food, so that’s what we teach!

| What are some of the juicy deets on DIY Cleanse! How long is it and what it’s all about? |

Tenley: The cleanse is 7 days long and is more a ‘clean eating’ week than your typical cleanse. In these 7 days, we want to give people the tools to create a lifestyle shift that can actually stick, and work in their daily lives. Our cleanse features a combination of food, juice and self-care practices sprinkled in. We provide the framework, recipes, support and guidance and you are taught to ‘do it yourself!’ This cleanse is for the people who have never done a cleanse before, or people who have done cleansing in the past, and did not have a good experience in feeling hungry, grumpy and deprived. This cleanse offers choices, nothing too restrictive, and leaves you feeling amazing and motivated to keep the progress going at the end of the cleanse.

| Who should be doing the DIY Cleanse? |
Emily: Everyone! We suggest doing it 3-4 times a year (as the season changes.) I did my first ‘diycleanse’ while I was breastfeeding my new baby. It’s safe for anyone and everyone to do because we are firm on the fact that you should be listening to your body. If you feel hungry, grab a snack from our approved snacking list. If you feel like you need more protein, add extra protein into your juice or smoothie. We made it with ‘real people and real life’ in mind.

| What kind of results can people expect after the cleanse? |
Tenley: Well, the biggest result people have reported is that it’s a re-boot in that they want to continue eating clean after the cleanse. It really is kicking off a new and better diet that works in your life, not just a 7-day cleanse. We have so many awesome recipes, and as one of our bonuses we include a 2-week menu plan that you can use post cleanse to keep up the good clean eating. We have had LOTS of people report they lost 5-7 pounds, way more energy, better relationship with sugar and feeling inspired to be back in the kitchen cooking to name a few things!

| What makes DIY cleanse different than all the other ones out there? |

Tenley: For starters, it is designed to work in your life. Regardless of if you have a busy week at work, or a family to take care of, it works. Because it’s do it yourself, there is a level of preparation and accountability that you have to be responsible for while cleansing. That is all part of the design, because those are the things that support you to make lifestyle changes. While having green juice delivered to your front door makes a cleanse convenient, we wanted to be more than that. This truly teaches you how to eat clean and to use food as medicine to feel energized, and amazing.

| Emily, as a Clinical Nutritionist, what are you thoughts on juice-only cleanses? |
They aren’t my favorite. Some people do and feel incredible on a juice cleanse, but I know I don’t. The one time I tried a juice cleanse, I ended up getting fish tacos on day two of the cleanse. Everybody is different, and our biochemistry and body composition is different. When creating this cleanse, I tried to keep that in mind. I also hate the feeling of deprivation, and that is why I created a cleanse with choices, and a few different options to feel really successful while cleansing.

|What are your favorite workouts? |
Tenley: I love a good beach run. Anytime I’m feeling restless, or have had a hard or emotional day, I hit the beach for some ‘me’ time and a fabulous cardio workout. I also really enjoy running stairs especially when the ocean is my view. A good hot yoga class to ring all of the “crap” out is often a part of my morning routine, but you’ll also find me twisted up on a reformer machine practicing pilates or at the barre tucking and shaking away!
Emily: I’m a yoga girl. Both Tenley and I were dancers growing up, so for me yoga is a beautiful transition to make after being a dancer. I taught yoga for many years, but now just enjoy taking a rocking awesome vinyasa class. I just tried aerial silks for the first time, and loved that. That just might be my new thing 🙂

| If you are going to have a cocktail… what is your cocktail of choice? |
Emily: Um, yes… We both do! We live by the 80/20 rule which is try to eat well 80 % of the time, and let life happen the other 20%. Enjoy it, have the glass of wine, the cup of coffee, or that amazing piece of chocolate. My favorite cocktail is a Moscow mule. I am obsessed with the recipe Chassie uses… it’s potato or quinoa vodka (so it’s gluten-free) and add in fresh squeezed lime, homemade ginger beer (with organic sugar), basil and mint. It’s amazing!

Tenley: I love sitting down with a glass of wine with some girlfriends or my man at the end of the week. I try not to drink on a daily basis, so weekends are usually more of my time to enjoy this part of my 20%. I’m definitely not shy to tell you how much I love a mimosa! BUT, you don’t need much OJ, that’s the secret… champagne with a splash of OJ!

| What are your top 5 healthy foods that everyone should be eating? | **If they aren’t allergic of course
Emily: Cacao (because chocolate is amazing), avocado, coconut oil, leafy greens and organic berries.
Tenley: Arugula (I’m oddly obsessed), brown rice tortillas, collagen, pastured eggs, Himalayan pink salt– and I second everything Emily said of course. 😉

| If there is ONE health tip that you would suggest, what would it be? |

Emily: Enjoy your cup of coffee, but never on an empty stomach. Drink your lemon water first, then breakfast, and coffee either with or after breakfast. And whatever you do, use natural sweeteners.

Tenley: Make time for yourself! You’re the most important person in the equation of you. You must schedule time for you and show up for yourself!

| What 2017 goals do you have? |
Emily: We want to take the amazing momentum from the DIY Cleanse and turn it into something bigger and even more meaningful to us both. Having two successful programs of Food Freedom was a huge highlight of 2016. We would love to create a recipe book, and design some more awesome programs for our incredible network of women.

| Lastly… what is something people don’t already know about you? |

Emily: I live on a mountain top in Idaho that is very, very rural. I moved from Encinitas, CA two years ago and my life couldn’t possibly be any different. And I love it. I love the tranquility, the slowdown in life, and the ability to do the work that I love from home and connect and work with women around the world. I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world, everyday. I also started a crochet club in college and some of the basketball players joined. Yep, I was REALLY awesome. 🙂

Tenley: Super random fact. I’m a terrible packer! I have traveled the world, live internationally, and have had to pack for months at a time, but every time I have a trip coming and I have to pack, I get anxiety and it can sometimes take me a day just to pack for a weekend trip. It’s embarrassing and definitely not my most proud fact about me, but at least I’m being honest! There is definitely room for improvement in this area of my life. 😉