Frequently Asked Questions

This is an ever changing list of questions we get. If you don’t see your question here shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Do I need a juicer?

Yes, you will need a juicer for this cleanse. If you don’t already have one, we suggest borrowing one from a friend for the week, or purchasing one. Our two favorites are the Omega Juicers and the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. We love that since it’s a DIY cleanse, you will save A LOT of money when compared to the price of a 3-5 day juice cleanse. But, if this seems like to much work, see our options below for buying your juice online.


What if I don’t own a juicer?

We do recommend that you invest in a juicer or borrow one. However, you can use a vitamix or a ninja. We suggest straining the juice through a small screen strainer to get some of the fiber out. The reason we suggest this is because you will be able to drink more of the juice (without feeling so full), which makes the detox more significant. We have made juice this way before, and it’s definitely extra work (and mess), but if you prefer to save the money it’s totally an option!

I want to do the cleanse, but don’t have time to make the juice myself.

No problem! You can also purchase already made juices from one of our favorite juice companies: Project Juice. There were even kind enough to offer all of our cleansers a 10% discount on your order. Just use code:DIYDONE4YOU when you checkout.

We recommend using their “Build Your Own Cleanse” feature and purchase the juices listed below. These mimic the recipes in the cleanse the best.

3x Green Ginger- NoursihMint Green

3x Potion 10 – Island green machine

3x Swizz Beets – Beautiful Beet cleanser

3x Beta Bomb – Orange Energizer

3x Almond Mylk – Homemade almond milk

Smoothie option:

3x Chocolate Protein

You may find that the chocolate protein smoothie isn’t enough to sustain you through the afternoon. Remember you can make your own smoothie in addition to this, and always listen to your body. If you need a snack, grab one!

Other juice options:



Evolution Juice  (good when in pinch – you can get it at Starbucks!)

Help! I can’t access my documents for the cleanse

There is a limit on how many times you can download the cleanse (including to your phone) so be sure to save them to your computer once you receive them. Feel free to email us if you have this problem, and we can send them to you

I’m pregnant or nursing. Can I still do this cleanse?

Yes, you can safely do this cleanse while pregnant and while breast feeding, however just to be safe be sure to check in with your primary health care provider before starting the program. Emily designed and tried the cleanse herself while breastfeeding her baby girl who is now 3 months old. We suggest having a meal for each dinner during the juice portion of the cleanse (days 3, 4, 5) and also being liberal with snacks. For nursing mothers, be sure to add in some extra complex carbs for breast milk production. We like quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes.

For pregnant mothers, skip the infrared sauna as well.


Can Kids do this cleanse?

You could definitely do this cleanse with your kids if you added in some modifications. The cleanse is designed so that on day 3, 4, 5 you are just doing juice/smoothie/snack. I would suggest doing our menu plan, and for breakfast/lunch/dinner do a meal, and for snacks do the juice/smoothies. They would greatly benefit from how clean the diet/menu is and it would be a really helpful kickstart.


Will I experience detox symptoms? If so, what do I do?

Occasionally cleansing comes with some detox symptoms as your body is eliminating stored toxins. Typically the ‘caffeine headache’ is our most common complaint as you will be eliminating caffeine and sugar from their diet for the week. However, because this is a gentle cleanse, it’s likely these won’t be very bad, but here is a list of detox symptoms you might experience

Headache, fatigue, bloating, nausea, brain fog, cravings. But don’t worry, this is normal, and we will help get you through it, which will be so worth it when you reach your end goal.


Should I be taking supplements on the cleanse?

We don’t recommend any specific supplements in this cleanse, however speak with your healthcare provider about supplements you can use in conjunction with this cleanse.


Can I still workout on this cleanse?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that you do. Sweating is a great way to push toxins out of your system. Definitely listen to your body as well. If it’s calling for rest – then rest or maybe go on a walk with a friend.

How often should I do this cleanse once I have purchased it?

We suggest doing this cleanse at the change of the season. We personally love doing this cleanse in the spring and in the fall. Once you own it, you can do this cleanse anytime to give your body a great boost and reset.


How much will groceries be?

Buying fresh organic produce can be become expensive, however in our experience buying groceries for the cleanse was actually about the same price as eating our regular diet. You might even find you save a bit of money since you aren’t dining out as much!

I’m vegetarian or vegan – can I do this cleanse?

Definitely. There are lots of options and variables in our recipe book and menu plan to accommodate everyone. If you need more guidance here, feel free to shoot us an email and we can send you a modified menu.


Do you have a refund policy?

Unfortunately we do not give refunds if you order this digital product. This is a downloadable product that is printer-friendly. Please note, you will not get any hard copies of the materials.