We are SO excited to share this Healthy Shopping Guide for Costco with you! As health coaches who are mindful about healthy eating AND our budgets we were beyond thrilled to see that Costco is bringing in a lot of our favorite healthy foods for a great deal.

Let’s get to it!

Getting started at Costco:

1) Costco is membership based, so you have to get the yearly $55 membership.
2) Costco will have varied selection depending on where you live, including their organic offerings, but they are responsive to customer demands.
3) Make a shopping list and stick to it. Yes, there are always hundreds of ultra-tempting items that will dramatically change the cost of your bill when you check out.
4) Remember to read labels. Don’t fall for thinking it’s healthy just because it says ‘natural’ or ‘gluten-free.’


Remember the dirty dozen, clean 15 when purchasing produce here (or any grocery store.)
If the label’s code starts with a 9, it’s organic!

Dirty Dozen: Apples, Strawberries, Grapes, Celery, Peaches, Spinach, Sweet bell peppers
Nectarines, Cucumbers, Cherry tomatoes, Snap peas, Potatoes

Clean 15: Avocados, Sweet corn, Pineapples, Cabbage, Sweet peas, Onions, Asparagus
Mangoes, Papayas, Kiwi, Eggplant, Grapefruit, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Sweet potatoes

Earth Bound Organic Mixed Greens
Avocados (clean 15)
Onions (clean 15)
Bunny Love Organic Carrots
Organic Sweet Potatos
Quinoa bites


Kerrygold grass fed butter
Organic Chicken
Organic Grass-Fed Beef and Bison
Perfect Foods Bars
Organic Chicken sausage
HOPE hummus
Aidells’s organic sliced chicken
Basil Pesto
Natural applewood smoked bacon


Cascadian Farms Organic Berries
Organic Blueberries
Organic Mango Chunks
Organic frozen peas
Organic Broccoli Florets
Organic asparagus spears
Organic salted butter
Wild alaskan salmon
Udi’s gluten-free bread

Pantry Items


Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Coconut Flour
Blanched almond flour
Mara Natha Almond Butter
Earth Choice Hemp Seeds
Whole almonds
Sliced Almonds
Organic brown rice
Tru Roots Quinoa/rice blend
Gluten-free bread (7 grain)
Namaste Gluten-free flour
Brown Rice Pasta


Nutivas Coconut Oil
Organic salsa
Avocado Oil
Organic Olive Oil
Himalyan Pink Salt
Maple Syrup
Vanilla extract

Other pantry items

Wild canned sockeye salmon
Wild Albacore tuna
Organic Diced Tomatos
Organic green beans
Coconut water
Lara Bars
Unsweetened Almond milk
Unsweetened Coconut milk
Roasted seaweed
Organic corn tortilla chips
Vega protein powder
Kind Bars
Paleo Simplified protein bars
Cashew clusters

Happy Shopping!