We know you are one busy woman and you probably have a holiday to-do list a mile long.

And we know this because this may or may not also be us right now ;) so we thought we would share with you our favorite last minute gift ideas.

This list of goodies is meant to make your last minute holiday shopping just a little bit easier so you can get to that glass of wine and hot bath sooner rather than later.

Sky Falconry Gift Certificates This is the most epic of all of the gifts! This is a falconry school where you can interact with falcons and hawks. This educational and inspiring experience is an absolute bucket list item. Connect with nature in a unique way. Located in the mountains of San Diego.

Printed Pallet: We love this shop because everything is crafty and homemade. It’s perfect for picking up a few special gifts for your christmas list.  We especially love all things baby and their cute t-shirts.

The Created Co.  Inspiring coffee mugs to make each morning (or cup of coffee) that much better. We like that they are a small independently run company. Plus, proceeds from all sales go to a variety of charities


Avocado slicer
A super fun kitchen gadget to stuff in your favorite foodie’s stocking

This is a must have for anyone the preps and cooks. It makes slicing SO much quicker.

These contraptions are SO COOL and they make eating healthy so much easier but allowing you to quickly make noodles from veggies.

Breville Fountain Juice Plus
This is one of the juicers that we recommend on the DIY Cleanse and would be a wonderful gift for anyone interested in adding more health to their lives

Omega Juicer
This juicer is a step above the typical juicer. What sets it apart from the rest is that is a slow masticating juicer so there is more nutrient value left in the juice. This one is a bit more expensive, and takes a bit longer to make juice, but well worth it.


The Alchemist

This classic read is eye opening, and freeing. If you have never read it, it is an easy read, and well worth your time. You will close this book feeling inspired and encouraged.

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown:

Love, love, LOVE this book. It is a transformative new vision for the way we lead, love, work, parent, and educate that teaches us the power of vulnerability.


Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo
By far the most recommended cookbook we have for our clients. It’s very educational without being overwhelming. There are menu plans for those who like specific instructions, and lots of fun, easy and inspiring foods.

Against All Grain by Danielle Walker
This book is super creative when it comes to being gluten-free. WE love the dessert recipes, and this author also has lots of ideas for egg-free breakfasts which we love as well.

Everyday Super Food by Jamie Oliver
How can you not love Jamie! This is a great cookbook that is relatable to everyone, and we love his mission on making healthy food more accessible.

This gift list would not be complete without our own gift certificates as well!

DIY Cleanse: a 7 Day Cleanse for people who hate cleansing

Healthy Eating Grocery Store Tour: perfect for someone who wants to learn how to clean out their pantry and learn how to shop at a natural food store without breaking the bank.

Private consult with Emily:

If you are looking to really understand your body on a deeper level and need support uncovering some deeper issues, she is your girl. She can do lab testing and customized supplement protocols to get you feeling on top of your game quick.

Private Consult with Tenley  

Surprise a girlfriend with a gift from you and from Tenley. She will support you in a realistic way to meet your health goals and feel freedom and balance with your diet.

We hope you enjoy this list! Have a wonderful holiday!

With love and green juice,