Hello loves! Tenley here and I thought I’d share a little more of what this whole DIY Cleanse is all about? I’m going to guess your first thoughts might be something like this, “Another cleanse?” “Are they going to make me starve for a week and just drink a ton of juice?” “Impossible, no thanks.” Or maybe you’re thinking, “I need help, sign me up!” “I need to lose weight fast, please show me how.” 

No matter what your first thoughts might be, let me just tell you that our DIY Cleanse is much much much more than just a “cleanse”. We’re all about lifestyle. We’re not a diet, we’re not another gimmick, and we’re not another overload of information that is just going into one ear and out the other.

Our hearts greatest desire as the DIY Cleanse team is to bring you a simple way to upgrade your life to live the happiest and healthiest lifestyle you could ever imagine… but simply and realistically! That’s the best part of DIY, you get to Do It Yourself, the way that best fits your life… including your family’s life. (Husband, significant other, kids, it can work for all of them too!) We want this lifestyle to stick with you forever and ever, so we’ve made it as “YOU” friendly as possible!

Not just a cleanse!

I have personally lived through that constant hamster wheel of chasing after the secrets of how to feel “healthy” how to “feel good in my own skin” and even that painful chase to get to the “perfect weight”. The truth is, once I finally found the way to live a whole foods lifestyle, and living as a healthy me from the inside out, that is when I became free of all of the obsessiveness that surrounded food and weight. I live such a free and whole life now, and that was the purpose behind DIY Cleanse, was to create a lifestyle that we could share with all of you to teach you the basics and give you the recipes that would make upgrading your life simple!

Yes, we do lead you through a 7 Day Cleanse to help you reset a probably very exhausted body, but the best part about that is that you get to do it when it’s best for you in whatever season of life you’re in, and you get to do it as many times as you want, whenever you want. I’m not cleansing every day, haha… no way, BUT I do use recipes from our Cleanse menu to help me through the week to eat healthy and hearty food that gives me energy and that don’t make me feel crummy.

My personal favorite part of our cleanse (besides the workbook, the seasonal recipe books, the support, and the community) is the two week sample meal plan full of recipes and a shopping list. Yes, I had a part in creating this lifestyle/cleanse, but sometimes the  ease of good, healthy, and whole foods slip my mind too and I LOVE that I have a resource to go to for meals that are going to make me feel good after I eat them. But not only do they make me feel good, but I’m full, and satisfied because it’s not boring food!! Seriously, it’s not just juice every meal or even every day, and we’re not going to make you eat plain chicken breast and broccoli every day. 😉


I hope this is painting a clearer picture of what you’ve gotten yourself into by becoming a member in this lifestyle with us, or what you’re about to dive into when you JOIN us!

I think a big piece in all of this is that I’m in this too. I have gone to school for nutrition, I know the “stuff”, that’s why I’m sharing with you, but I need the support, the resources, and the guide too. I’m daily pulling up our workbook or recipe books on my phone, iPad, or computer (that’s how you can download once you receive your DIY Cleanse!) to find some motivation, a recipe, or snack/dessert suggestion!


Yep, I can proudly say we are way more than just a cleanse. I hope you’re loving living this lifestyle with us. If you’re a part of this community, please make sure you’re getting support from our exclusive DIY Cleanse members only Facebook page. We’re all in there to share and cheer you all on. If you’re not yet a part of this community, join us!! Click HERE to get started!! We have some HUGE things coming and we don’t want anyone to miss a beat with us.


DIY Cleanse | Tenley Molzahn and Emily Potter