EEEEE!!!! I’m leaving for South Africa tomorrow for a few weeks and am so excited! During my long hours of preparation for the trip (and more specifically the 32 hour flight) I put together a list of must- haves. I even created a little video to share with you gals about my tips and supplements that I take traveling with me. I spent a lot of time focusing on immune boosting stuff as we all know that traveling is just one of those things that can truly run you down. That on top of our 9 hour time change will add some challenges along the way!

Tenley and I both love getting out of our comfort zone, and traveling around the world. We understand that you may not be able to control the food, water or bacteria you might encounter on an international trip so we’ve created these international travel nutrition trips to help you guide you on your adventures.

Along with these amazing life experiences came a whole lot of expertise when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of international travel when it comes to nutrition tips. We put together this blog in hopes of helping you on your next adventure.

Before you take off , boost your immune system. Here are our top 5 tips.

Mushroom Matrix Immune, Medicinal mushrooms like shitake, maitake or reishi are superstars in ancient Chinese medicine that can actually stop germs from growing inside the body. They increase the body’s production of white blood cells, which are part of the immune system. They also contain selenium, a mineral that boosts the immune system.
Oregano Oil. Hippocrates used oregano as an antiseptic, as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments. This is a hot oil, so take it in a capsule with food.
Elderberry. Helpful to fight against viruses including the flu, and might reduce inflammation. You can use elderberry syrup or a tincture.
Tumeric, This yellow spice increases levels of a protein that help the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses. It’s also a good source of manganese and potassium, which helps support immunity. This is also the number one anti-inflammatory food on the planet.
Probiotics. This is the one supplement we always suggest taking while traveling. Take 3 before bed and your tummy will be so much happier!

Avoid the airplane cold.

You know what we are talking about. That raspy scratchy throat that you get mid flight. This is because there are very low levels of humidity on the airplane, which negatively effects our immune system. Why? Because our natural defense system of mucus in the nose and throat tends to dry up which creates an easy target for germs. Here are a few tips for mid-flight.

-Stay hydrated
-Wash your hands as much as possible. Hand sanitizer is a good idea in this situation as well.
– Rinse your mouth mid flight with mouth wash. We LOVE this kind, and they have an amazing toothpaste as well.


We have to be honest- no matter how you slice it, jetlag is the worst. The groggy yucky feeling of not being sure if it’s sunday or friday. Here are a few tips.

Melatonin. This can re-set your circadian rhythm. Try taking 3mg prolonged release (PR) about an hour before bedtime for 2-3 nights until you feel back to normal.

Jet lag homoepathy. Homeopathic remedies come in small vials of tiny pellets. We found this concoction for jet lag and want to try it on the next trip!

What to eat once you have landed.

We love this mantra from way back when that goes something like this:

“Cook it, wash it, peel it or forget it.”

When choosing what foods to eat, this is a great cardinal rule. If it’s cooked, you are probably safe. Here are some things to be wary of:
-Cold meats
-Cheese and any dairy products that have not been pasteurized.
-Seafood dishes are notorious for making the tummy grumble, as fish accumulate contaminants from a wide variety of sources. If it’s fresh and you know that forsure, you are probably okay. Same goes with -Shellfish (such as clams, mussels and oysters.)

We always pack a little extra protein in our luggage just in case. Things like nuts, seeds, nut butter, high quality grass fed jerky or turkey jerky, and your favorite protein powder. Vega is one of ours because it has probiotics, enzymes and greens in the powder.

Water. Clean water.

You already know that you should be looking for the bottled water over the tap water, but here are a few things that are easy to forget.
-Don’t brush your teeth in the water
-Make sure you aren’t getting any ice in your beverages

Supplements for once you have arrived.

Be sure to check out my video for everything that is packed in my bag this trip.

Bentonite clay. This is a natural detoxifier and a great way to keep parasites at bay.

Charcoal pills. Charcoal is the active ingredient in pepto bismal and it absorbs icky stuff that might get in your system.

Colostrum capsules. Colostrum is what primes the immune system and digestive tract for a newborn. This is a great way to add some insurance to your immune boosting protocol.

Digestive enzymes. When in doubt, pop the enzymes. You will likely be eating lots of different new and unique foods so if you aren’t sure about how your body will digest it, give yourself the added bonus of two enzymes with meals.

We hope this helps you! Bon Voyage and safe travels from the DIYgirls!