If you are like us, you love a good yoga class, but have you ever wondered how to be smart with your nutrition when it comes to hot yoga? We are always encouraging our amazing community of women to find movement that they love, and that truly feeds their soul. For many of us, yoga is just that. A place to disconnect from the rush and chaos of life, and a place to connect to your body, shift your perspective, and be present with yourself. We talk so much about this in our group wellness program Food Freedom because it’s challenging to make time for, and it’s crucial to your overall wellness.

Do you ever walk out of the room feeling light headed, woozy or just completely depleted? Hot yoga can be powerful way to detox the body by increasing oxygen to muscles and tissues to flush toxins out through the pores of the skin. It has been known to boost the immune system and promote flexibility resulting in a greater range of motion in joints, muscles, and ligaments. But, hot yoga isn’t for everybody. It can be stressful to the body and it is very important to support your entire system with the correct nutrients and hydration if you are practicing or even teaching hot yoga. (These tips below are great for any type of movement/exercise, but inspired by our personal yoga practices.)


Tips for hot yoga

Before Class:
– Start your day hydrated. Drink 16 oz room temp water with juice of ½ lemon upon waking. Remember that quality of water matters. Source the highest quality spring water you can find in your area. If you aren’t already drinking spring water, be sure to add in some Essential Trace Minerals (by Trace Mineral Research). About 10 drops per liter.
– Make sure you are eating enough protein through out the day. Quick sources or protein include nuts (soaked is best), protein powder or a protein bar. Keep a bar or some trail mix in your car at all times.
– Grab a small snack before class. ½ of a ‘healthy’ protein bar such as Perfect Foods Bar, Rise Bar, or Zing.
– Add ½ cup of a complex carb to your lunch. Good examples are root vegetables like sweet potatoes, yams, squash or brown rice and quinoa. This will leave you will stabilized blood sugar and sustained energy through the afternoon.
– Stay away from refined sugars and processed foods as that can spike blood sugar and leave you with low energy for class

During Class:
– Rehydrate with mineralized water or coconut water

After Class:
– Mix 1 t Vitamineral Green powder by Health Force in your coconut water and drink after class
– Refuel. Try 2 oz coconut milk (real coconut milk from the can) with 4 oz orange juice, ½ t pink salt and 1-2 T collagen in between hot yoga classes if you take or teach multiple times a day.
– Let your body slowly acclimate to the outside temperature after your yoga class. If it is cold outside, bundle up so you don’t shock your system.
– Stay hydrated! Even after class. You should consume 1 liter of quality water per 50 lbs of body weight each day.

This smoothie is designed for after a workout, a hot yoga class, or if you are feeling extra tired. Or, it is a sweet one if you are craving some sugar and just need that fix but wanting to avoid refined sugar that will end up slowing you down.
Makes 1 Smoothie

1 banana
1⁄2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 handful of ice

Blend and enjoy this sweet, tasty, and dreamy drink!

Other tips:
Take gentle yoga unheated instead of hot yoga if you are pregnant. Raising the core body temperature too quickly can cause complications in pregnancy.

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