If you are like us, you feel the crispness in the air, see the leaves are falling, and think about how you are going to survive the holidays. Yep, winter and the holidays are just around the corner and that means …

I just heard that first Christmas song (yep, already) and can’t believe that I am trading out my swim suit and flip flops for big sweaters and cute fall boots.

While some of us feel an excitement and energy around the thought of holiday party season, some of us cringe. Are you that one lonely soldier in your family who brings the ‘healthy side dish’ to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and feel a tad bit guilty for indulging in everything else? Today’s blog is all about how to survive the winter AND the holidays when it comes to the changing of a season, what your body NEEDS more than ever now, and how to enjoy social gatherings and holiday parties to the max.

Our TOP Tips for Surviving the Festive Season

1. Give yourself a little (or a lot) of Grace. We are all about experiencing freedom with your food, and so much of that comes with you giving yourself permission to enjoy the treats during holiday season. You have heard us talk before about the 80/20 balance. Just remember, you deserve it. And you deserve to feel good in your body so moderation is key.

2. Grab a snack before you leave the house. This is a fail proof method so when you show up to a party or gathering, you aren’t super hungry. My go-to is ½ an avocado with a few crackers, or an apple with peanut butter. Think simple, quick, and high in protein to curb those sharp cravings for snowball cookies and fudge.

3. Digestive enzymes can be a game changer. Because you are going to be eating foods you typically don’t eat (or drink) digestive enzymes can be a nice little insurance policy to give your body a little support in that department. Remember, we don’t suggest enzymes for long periods of time, but it can be helpful in a pinch, or if you don’t have total control of what you are eating.

4. Prep, prep, prep. Having a plan, and being prepared is key. Look at your December calendar, and jot down when you can take time to grocery shop, meal prep, and stock your fridge with healthy food. If you have a plan ahead of time, it will be SO much easier to resist the urge to have gingerbread men for dinner.

5. Exercise. It’s so easy to lose sight of during the holidays because there is so much going on. But, we strongly recommend you getting out your phone or calendar and scheduling in some ‘self care’ and time to exercise so you will be committing to that FIRST. There is nothing worse than feeling yucky because you haven’t had a chance to exercise, and then feeling guilty about it.

6. Be Mindful. Our top three tips when it comes to mindful eating are:
-Eat meals with friends or family when you can.
-Put your fork down between bites.
-Make eating an act all by itself. No computer, reading, phone, or television.

7. Schedule your New Year’s DIYcleanse with us! We kick off Jan 2nd.

8. Supplement with D. Most of us are deficient in vitamin D and don’t even know it! When the sun exposure is limited this time of year, better be safe than sorry.


Cheers to family, food, and holidays, love!