Private Wellness Consultation with Emily


Introductory Wellness Consultation – (50 minutes)

Are you feeling tired, out of balance and looking for help to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice? In this 50 minute clinical wellness consultation, we will review your health history, current lab work (if this applies to you) and discuss your health concerns and prioritize your health goals. From there I will work out an action plan for your specific situation. The plan of action may involve customized dietary and lifestyle upgrades and a customized supplement protocol aimed at getting you feeling 30-50% better within three weeks time. During your initial consult, we can determine what is the best future course of action for you. Consult can be done via skype, facetime or phone.

Consult includes:

Dietary upgrades and suggestions

Action plan and notes to kick start your wellness protocol

Customized supplement suggestions

Grocery shopping list

Recipe ideas and how to use food as medicine

Informational Handouts appropriate to your session

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Clinical Nutritionist (CN) | Holistic Health Counselor (HHC) | Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)

I’m Emily and I am passionate about living a conscious, balanced and healthy life and sharing that with others. I grew up understanding the importance of whole and healthy foods by planting a garden with my family every summer. My favorite quote by Michael Pollen says it all; “Don’t eat anything your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” I am originally from a small family farm in Idaho, and those country roots have taught me a lot about life, love and health.

My passion for holistic wellness lead me to study nutrition, meditation, yoga and psychology.

I believe a holistic approach to supporting health issues makes the healing truly profound. In 2005 I graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S in Psychology and then went on to study nutrition through the Natural Healing Institute and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am always learning and studying in this field and and recently became a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner (FDN).

It can be a challenging task to truly understand how to eat to efficiently to fuel your body. In college, I remember skipping breakfast, having coffee and a pastry for lunch, and fast food for dinner. I also took antibiotics for 2 years for my skin without ever thinking that would be damaging my GI health.  I struggled with energy, sleep and hormonal ups and downs. I quickly packed on the freshman 15 and thought this ‘new normal’ was the way I would look and feel forever. When I had my first green juice, I was invigorated, felt an immediate shift in energy and that was the beginning of my life long love affair with nutrition and wellness.  My entire world changed.

I teach clients how to feel good in their own skin. It’s important to me that they feel educated, healthy, energized, fulfilled and ultimately happy. In my wellness programs I specialize in working with chronic health issues, weight loss, hormone balancing and GI support. I also teach clients how to navigate the grocery store, prepare healthy meals, and ultimately nourish and support their bodies back into balance. I believe for everyone, NOW is the time to feel comfortable, confident and at peace with your body.

As much as I love kale chips and acai bowls, I love dark chocolate and spicy margaritas too. Some other things I love are being a mom to a beautiful little 2 year old boy Daniel, and brand new baby girl Scarlett, traveling to South Africa (where I met my really cute husband Gregg), photography, yoga, creating new recipes, and spending time with the people I love.

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