This blog post is for those expectant mamas, women planning a baby in the future, or for your bestie that just shared the exciting news with you.

Em here, and I am the lucky mother of two beautiful little kiddos and find that every day comes with its new challenges and new joys. When I found out I was pregnant with my first born, I wanted to know everything there was to know about pregnancy. But not just the medical and clinical stuff, I wanted to pick the brain of a holistic mom that had done things perhaps a little differently. That wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, have the type of birth that she wanted, and know exactly what to be doing and eating from this holistic and healthy perspective. It was when I found out I was expecting my second child that I decided to do just this. Take my friends, family, and clients on this journey with me. So for 40 weeks… I filmed every single week what I was doing, eating, thinking about, and preparing for from this perspective. After 3 years of {mostly raising kids} but some hard work in between of creating a program, I am proudly launching it this week! It’s called 40 Weeks of your {healthy} pregnancy


I wasn’t always obsessed about wellness. It was a slow learning process and I will never forget my first day in nutrition school that it dawned on me that if I am learning this information, I am going to have to make HUGE changes in my life and in myself to be able to truly walk my talk. Now 7 years later, I have been through some huge growth spurts and transformations but I was not always this way! In college, I enjoyed a Pepsi every day, suffered from terrible acne, and was a good 15 pounds overweight.

Living a health conscious life is something that lights me up on every level. I now get excited sharing with my clients what Pepsi actually does to your body on a cellular level, and I love love love making green juice and sharing it with my friends and family. When it came to pregnancy, I took it to a whole different level. I wanted to best for my unborn child, and I knew with every cell in my body that every single bite of food I was consuming was making an impact on this perfect little miracle inside of me. Not only was I eating strictly organic foods, but I wanted to know how to improve every aspect of my life. I stopped using regular shampoo and deodorant, and I started truly practicing a natural and holistic way of living.

I like to think that in my second pregnancy where this program was made, I found a balance from that “crunchy hippy, strictly cloth diapers, toxins will ruin your life” motto to a little more balance and a little more approachable for everyone.

Below I have a few videos about the program to share with you. Please let your girl friends know if they are expecting a little bundle of joy! Click here to learn more!