We talk about morning routine all of the time at DIYcleanse, but have you thought about creating a mindful EVENING routine?  If When it comes to morning routine, we are big on starting your morning with intention, doing some movement and drinking your elixir followed by a health breakfast.  Today we want to focus on creating a mindful evening routine too. Below is a list of our favorite creative ideas to keep your evening routine inspiring, and filled with real nourishment for your soul.

Ask yourself this question. What do you usually do in the evenings?

Personally, my evening routine could use a lot of work, and I have made the decision to be more intentional about how I spend my evening hours especially this month. For me, it’s challenging because I have small kiddos and I tend to be pretty physically exhausted at the end of the day. This typically leads the the classic ‘collapse into the couch’ after the bedtime rigamarole. I turn on the TV, I grab a snack, and just chill.

I feel like on occasion, this is okay. But, when it starts to become a habit,  I have a problem with that. There are so many other ways I could be spending my time and energy.

I was inspired by a conversation I had with Chassie the other day. When I asked how her night was, she replied “Great!” My husband and I relaxed together for a bit, and then enjoyed a podcast together.” A podcast! Genius. I loved that idea, and it inspired me to shake things up a bit and try to be just as intentional about my time spent in the evenings as I am in the mornings.

I think I share this problem with many other people, and moms especially. The habit of vegging on the couch is so easy, and such a way to decompress from the pressures of the day. And if I’m watching my favorite TV show I feel like it’s a good use of time, but if I’m flipping through channels, or doing the ever elusive Apple TV/Firestick/Netflix search and coming up with nothing, it’s a real waste of time.

In addition to that, if I’m vegging on the couch, I want to snack. My brain is definitely convinced I’m hungry, even though I’m not. And while I try to keep it healthy, we all have our weaknesses. (hence the ½ eaten chocolate bar in my cupboard from last night)

So today I wanted to share with you my intentions and ideas for mixing up the evening routine, whether its just you, or with your partner and family. And, I’m throwing in a new snack idea that is rocking my world.

  1. Listen to a podcast or TedTalk together. (Thanks for the idea Chas!) This is an awesome way to decompress, and create a topic for stimulating conversation. You can choose any topic you like, and find lots and lots of awesome presentations. My favorite podcast station is Sean Croxton The Sessions. Chassie loves _____. And speaking of TedTalks, have you ever seen this one about The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown?
  2. A hot bath and a great book. This one is absolute primary food for me. I’m always looking for awesome and inspiring books to read. Again, Chassie is my go-to on this topic because she is an avid reader and can recommend some really awesome ones. I’m currently reading an interesting book about child phsycholoy and parenting. My mom gave it to me, and it’s really awesome. (Thanks mom!) It’s called The Whole Brained Child by Daniel Siegel. Chassie has recommended one that I have still yet to read that is incredible for relationships called The Queens Code by Alison Armstrong.. Another absolutely favorite of mine was The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo.
  3. A walk through the neighborhood. Ha! This one is impossible for me since I live on a mountain in Idaho, but my intention is to do more evening walks and enjoy the beauty and scenery of where I live. This one is a little tricky to do if you have kiddos sleeping, but you could definitely do it before bedtime too.
  4. Get creative. When I think of getting creative these days, it’s usually in the form of a vision board, a journal entry or a brain storming session about something that I’m working on. So, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean take up painting… but speaking of, have you seen those awesome painting/wine classes that are popular now? That would be a great way to get creative.
  5. Mindful meditation. Meditation for me really changed my life, especially after experiencing horrific grief and tradgedy in my life. It was the only place I could go to really dive into my mind, and process the world swirling around me. I think meditation can be super intimidating because it seems so simple, and yet, it is incredibly challenging to calm the mind and tap into a place of true peace and tranquility. But what I learned on my journey is it doesn’t actually matter if you do it right or not, it matters if you do it. So try it. Start with just 5 minutes each night, and you will begin to enjoy it more, and feel more connected to something bigger when you tap into that space.
  6. Play a game. This one feels so ‘old school’ to me because I was raised in a family where gin or pinochle were the evenings entertainment and activity. I LOVE playing games as I think it brings out my inner child. My kids aren’t quite old enough to play a board game, but they are plenty old enough to play chase or hide and go seek. The squeals of delight from these types of evening activities are the best primary food on the planet.
  7. Get sentimental. We all have a box of photographs sitting around that we have been ‘meaning to get to.’ Or maybe a baby book that still needs a lot of attention. Or what about cataloging those video memories that have been sitting on your phone taking up space? For me, these are things that I feel I NEVER have time for, but by taking an hour in the evenings to do some of these tasks (that mean a WHOLE lot in the long run) is a great way to spend your time. Just last night because I was so inspired after writing this blog, I sat down and wrote in my daughters baby book. She just turned one, so it’s about time!!
  8. Get creative in the kitchen. If you do have the energy to try something new, evenings are a great time to do just that. Grab a new recipe on pintrest and have some fun!


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